Thursday, January 28, 2010

Peter Almqvist - What is Your Calling? - Serving

"Finding one's calling in life has become too complicated a process."

What are you good at?

What do you like to do?

The combination of the answer to those questions is more than likely God's plan for life.

It is extremely important to really know what God's calling on your life really is. Without knowing that, we will continue to tread water.

Peter keeps on stressing that serving is the way to become a great leader in God's Kingdom.

I really like how Peter says that he and his staff are just simple people. Those are the type of people that God calls for extraordinary things...simple, ordinary people.

"If we can just get people to stop..."

"People want to hear the gospel, they just don't know how to respond because they usually don't understand"

Peter's humility is very apparent. His goal is to, by whatever means, to spread the Gospel to "all people groups". It is obvious that he operates out of selflessness. That is something that I can struggle with. I have a desire to be in the limelight and usually think my ideas are the best and that others ideas are not that great. But is that necessarily a bad thing?




Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missions Outreach - Lance Stoddart

It was interesting that Lance said that the purpose of short term missions, in many cases, is more for the team ministering than the people in the foreign country or mission field. That really resonated with me. The two missions trips I have been on, Nicaragua and Peru, have been like that. Those two trips really changed my perspective on missions; the importance etc.

As important as it is to walk in Christ; it is just as important to share that experience with others.

"Compensating for spiritual issues is not the same thing as being set free."

The Christian standard is measured by our obedience to God. That is my MO as a be obedient.

Something that I will really take away from this morning is Lance's passion for ministry and not necessarily just missions. Am I called to full-time missions? At this point and time in my life I would say no. But I am called to ministry and that passion is so important and is something I so desire for God to really birth in me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First blog

Hey Jeff! This is a test blog...hope Dominic is doing well!