Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rabbi Ed - Ministering to the Jewish

How do you witness to the Jews? - "Love them unconditionally." Eventually this raises the question, "Why are you so happy"?

"You can inject scripture into a person's veins and they still would not accept it, until it's their time to." - That is such an important concept to grasp...and to, in a way, be encouraged that as Jesus was rejected so will we.

"I never tell anybody to go to hell. That is not a way to bless people." - I think that will be engrained in my mind forever. We are to bless and love people. If Jesus came not condemn, but love...that is our job as well.

Love is the key to everything. Love saves....condemnation does not. "Agape love transcends everything." Scripture teachings means nothing without love.

"When you force people in witnessing, it doesn't work. Witnessing out of love goes right through people."

"There is no such thing as free will. There is God's will; you either accept it or forget it." Living in God's will is the only path of life...everything else leads a life of death.

"If you become a faithful servant; he will keep you busy."

Rabbi Ed keeps on coming back to love...and it is true. It is the one thing that breaks through to people.

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