Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeremiah Herbert - Church Planting

I think I really connect with Jeremiah's story/testimony on how he has come to where he is now: church planting. He thought he was going to do music ministry/worship leading for life. That's where I thought I was going; I thought I was either going to be in a hugely successful Christian rock act or become a worship leader. For a while I pursued the idea of worship leading by taking music theory, voice, and piano lessons. Now while I believe I have been greatly gifted in the music realm, but I believe that God has different plans for me in life. I believe that I really connect with Jeremiah in that I really struggled for a while in allowing myself to deviate from what I thought I was going to do. But there was some point a year or two ago where I finally said, "God, I'm tired of butting heads...if you have called not called me to do music and music only, then I am free and open to whatever."

After I had come to those terms with myself...I embarked on a journey that is still going to this day of God leading me into crazy, but totally awesome things to where I believe now God has called me to church planting.

"Break your routine, break out of your bubble"

"God has put you in whatever area/ministry you are in to solve a problem"

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