Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Believer Interview

For this interview I interviewed Nate Kraynik from the Freedom House. He said that his testimony begins where he was at his lowest point in life. At this point he said he was willing to listen to people, listen to suggestions, and most importantly listen to what God could do in his life. It was at his lowest point that he received salvation.

What is most integral to his testimony are the people that poured into his life. A Christian home took him in when recovery homes weren't cutting it. That family poured all they had into his life and left a big impression. This family helped him get a job and allowed him to get back on his feet.

Nate said that the best points in his Christian walk are when he is around people who are able to build him up, keep him accountable, and help him on the way. But some of the lowest are when people he knew from his past life still try to offer him drugs. But his plan is to press forth and overcome those temptations.

His advice to those who are new believers was to make sure they are around people who can build them up and help them grow. During the entire interview, this was the common theme: relationships. If it wasn't for relationships Nate might not be alive. It is so important to embrace this; that Jesus was about relationships and getting to know people...not condemning people for what they've done and hope they receive salvation as an outcome. It is all about investing time in other people's lives and showing Christ's love. When we try to tell people what they are doing is wrong and that they need saved...something as blunt as that usually doesn't work. People desire love and what better love to show than Christ's.

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