Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brandy Crago

Brandy's heart is so evident in her desire to meet the needs of people with special needs. What is also evident is that even though she specializes in the area of special needs she definitely has a heart for all people.

It is interesting to hear about her struggles with her ministry program. For example, during the early times of its existence she would receive blame for a mess or something like that and the majority of the time the blame was unwarranted.

A really cool story: when Brandy was 10 or so she would play games with a neighborhood lady called "the special needs lady" who was in her thirties. As Brandy got older she didn't want to play the games that the "special needs lady" wanted to. It was then that she realized that that woman was not going to grow up. It was then that she wondered how you deal with and minister to people with special needs.

A win for Brandy is when people come to Shining Stars looking for physical health, but with that eventually find that they have a soul craving and desire better "spiritual health".

It really blew me away with the story of when a person came to Brandy with a grant offer...she wasn't ashamed to tell him that the true purpose of Shining Stars is to lead people to Christ...and to her surprise she was given a grant of $100,000. That unashamedness reminds me of Luke 9 that says, "Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed." The converse of that passage, I believe is true as well. If we are unashamed to proclaim Christ...He will promote us as well; in ways sometimes we may never know.

"People just want to be valued"

"Evangelism is when you can express Christ to others."

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