Thursday, April 29, 2010

Church Survey - New Life Assembly

Developing Outreach and Discipleship Programs

Church Rater Survey

General Information

1. What church did you visit? – New Life Assembly of God

2. What city or town is this Church located? – Ford City

3. What date and service did you attend? – May 7th – Sunday Morning

4. How would you rate this church? (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest) – 3 – it seemed disorganized

a. Please provide ratings based on your own experience. Yes, I realize this is subjective and your '1' might be someone else's '5'. That's ok. It's your rating and I really want your opinion.


5. Was the building easy to find? - yes

6. If you drove, was it hard to find parking?

7. How about the exterior or interior signage? What would you do differently?

Before the Service

8. Did anyone approach you and speak to you before the service got underway? ­– not that I recall

9. If so, how did you feel about that?

10. Can you share their name(s)?

11. Did you know them before your visit?


12. As you observe the people "doing their church thing," what goes through your mind? – it seemed like a lot of people were in their zone. But that’s just what I saw

13. Are you able to understand why they do what they do? - sure

14. Do they seem sincere?

15. What do you think about the overall presentation of the service (the liturgy or the program)? it seemed a little discombobulated - the senior pastor was out of town so maybe that was a factor


16. Is there anything in the church bulletin you find confusing or offensive? - I did not receive a bulletin

17. If this were you "business" how would you improve this communication piece?

Children's Ministry

18. Does this church look kid-friendly? Please explain. – yes, it seemed like a really good facility for kids to be in

19. Did you bring any children with you to the service? - no

20. If so, ask them about their experience. What did they tell you?


21. How would you describe the music? – good

22. Did you enjoy any of it? - yes

23. Was it boring? - no

24. Write down the feelings you had while watching or participating. – I was able to freely enter into worship


25. What did you think of the prayers? – simple prayers – that is not to mean anything negative or question their being genuine.

26. As you listened to the prayers, what did you learn about the people, either good or bad?

Speaker the pastor was out of town

27. Did the speaker or pastor seem likeable?

28. Is she/he a person you'd enjoy having coffee with? If not, why not?

29. Did she/he seem engaged/sincere/condescending?

30. The Speaker Was... (Mark all that apply)

a. Enjoyable

b. Angry

c. Thought-provoking

d. Boring

e. Relevant

f. Gloomy

g. Energetic

h. Credible

i. Slow

j. Sad

k. Upbeat

l. Humorous


31. What was the big idea of the message? – don’t let the lies of the world distract you

32. What action did the speaker want you to take as a response? – there was an altar call

33. Did the talk itself hold your attention? - yes

34. Did any part(s) of it particularly stand out to you in a positive or negative way?

35. What is one thing the speaker could do that would improve his/her presentation? – work on flow

After Service

36. Did anyone approach you and speak to you after the service ended? - no

37. If so, how did you feel about that?

38. Can you share their name(s)?

39. Did you know them before visiting?


40. How was your experience at the church overall? ­­– no terrible

41. Did you enjoy it? – not as much as PCO

42. Would there be any point in you going there again? – I probably would not

43. If this church expects to attract people like yourself, what do you suggest they improve that you haven't already mentioned? – a bulletin, some of the aspects of the serviced seemed traditional

Do you have any other comments you want to share?

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