Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unchurched Interview 2

My second interview of an unchurched person was with Stacey Garza. Her phone number is 717-965-6504.

I'll start off by saying that Stacey seemed a little stand offish the entire interview. While she is actually looking for a church to attend, she still seemed a little shy or uncomfortable with talking about church and things of the nature.

So, at the moment Stacey is looking for a church. She used to attend a church, but for some reason now is not. She seemed unsure about major topics in the church, and said she was just looking.

She believes that some of the proponents for why people do not attend church is because of people being uneducated, they do no believe, and there is not a lot of time. I think those are some interesting reasons. As far as being uneducated, I guess she meant about being uneducated in the Bible. I can see where that might cause someone to not come to church...they are afraid that they do not know enough about the Bible or just feel that they would feel inferior. For unbelief, I definitely understand that...of course people would not come to church is they had no belief in it and what it stood for. And then there is time again...I guess this could be a major factor for people who work more than five days a week and just want to rest sometimes. I understand that could be an issue.

A few of the things that Stacey is looking for in a church is one that is very laid back. She does not like anything that feels traditional or forceful. This is definitely a common theme today...people want to go to a church that is laid back and takes them in as they are...kind of how Jesus actually does! Another area that Stacey is looking for in a church is a good kids program as she has 3 kids of her own and would like them to be a part of a program that will teach them well.

Stacey did not have any advice to give to church leaders.

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