Thursday, April 15, 2010


2 Kings 22

"Lead in one direction"

"Pick a direction and walk in it"

It is so encouraging to know that wherever I go, whichever direction I choose God will never leave. He knows when I am going to do things right and when I am going do wrong. This does not give me the liberty to do whatever I want, but to seek God's face for life and earnestly obey Him.

Communicating vision clearly is essential. It is so important for those who are following you to know.

"Have to do it the right way in everything..."

The example of unlicensed worship slides is a great example.
Like Josiah, we must obey all of Scripture...not just a part.

Don't add anything to the Word.
"God only blesses the things that are blessable"
Accountability is so make sure your are keeping from sin and on the right track.

"How important is your integrity to you?"

Are we really willing to rid ourselves of the things that keep us from God?


The leader always sets the tone spiritually

"If your ministry doesn't care about the Word of God enough, it's because you don't care about the Word of God enough."

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