Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unchurched Interview 1

My first interview with an unchurched person was with Laura Heagy. Her phone number is 717-688-1285.

Laura is currently not attending church, though she has been to several before including Freedom Valley. It is not that she does not like church or does not want to go church, but that she does not have the time to as she works everyday except Mondays. This obviously makes it difficult to make it out to a church on a weekend.

This is actually one of the reasons Laura thinks a lot of people do not attend church. She thinks it takes up too much time to go and that people don't have that precious time to do so. I do not think I have heard this too much; that there is not enough time to go to church.

People are very important to Laura as she loves to help them. This is one of the things that interests her and what she thinks the church should do. She said that if she were to go to a church it would have to be one where people are helped.

Laura also likes a church that is laid of the things she really liked about Freedom Valley. She does not like to be pushed on and prefers to be around a younger crowd instead of a church that is older and more traditional.

Besides time, one of the main reasons she is currently not attending church is because of past experiences. When she was younger she used to attend a church where they were not allowed to asked questions. At one point she had a question or an argument with her pastor about certain beliefs. It turns out she was unable to argue and therefore was left just as questioning and even more so than before. If she were to attend a church she wants to go to one that allows its people to think and ask questions, instead of being forced to believe everything and not be allowed to ask questions.

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