Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tom Reese

"To the degree we grasp lostness will be the degree we are willing to do whatever is necessary to penetrate it."

"We've been planting churches...we should be planting orchards."
- Tom said that a church should not be a culdesac...a dead end...instead it should it should be a place of great growth and fruit.

"What do you do when you're whole world collapses?"
- I think it's so awesome how God has saved and used a guy like Tom for His kingdom. It reminds me that it is those type of people that God seems to use the most.

"Many times churches throw hurting people away..."

"Faith and not feelings"
- So many times I have to remind myself of this...that God is constant and is not determined by our circumstances and how we feel.

"We get focused on methods and lose sight of Jesus"

Success is: Prayerfulness, Loyalty, Servanthood

"Don't ever allow a growing church to determine yourself as a success"

Great discussion on multi-site church plants. That method can really help in maintaining budget etc.
Importance of helping people become not rely on just Sundays for their spiritual growth.

"Never put your love for ministry above your love for spending time with God."

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